14 de febrer de 2008


Here you have!

If you want to see the picture, or the Spanish version, make a clic here.

Yes, of course... we could say this is the longest name of a meal in the world... But I know longers than this!!

- Rice for Risotto
- Dried Funghi Porcini (or Boletus Edulis, or Ceps... it's also ok with a mixture of mushrooms)
- 1 tablet of prepared for vegetable broth (for 2-3 pax risotto)
- Parmesan Cheese (50 grs. of grated for each tulipa and a bit more for the risotto)
- Cut thin Onion.
- Olive Oil


First of all, hydrate the mushrooms with water (previously cleaned also with water), minimum 20 minutes.

Heat a bit of olive oil and fry the onion in it (with a bit of broth if it's necessary).
When it becomes transparent, add the mushrooms, and the rice.

Undo the broth tablet in the water of mushrooms, and from now add a bit of this broth every time rice requires it: when the mixture of rice-onion-mushrooms become dry, add a bit more.
When rice has a good texture (be careful with it: we don't want too cook rice!), add a bit of parmesan and the risotto is finnish!

You can add a bit of "notte moscatta", if you like it.

(VERY IMPORTANT: DON'T add salt: with the tablet of broth it's enough!)

Before the risotto, you have to prepare the Tulipa:

In a ant adherent frying pan, put the parmesan distributed, in a medium or slow fire.

When it becomes toasted, take it with your hands and, in a bowl or a cup of tea of the reverse, put the parmesan and, very quickly, give form with your hands (and a kitchen paper tissue between your hands and the cheese).

You can have the tulipas in the fridge, or not, but it's very important have te tulipas maked before the rice, because you you have to eat the risotto at the moment.

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Unknown ha dit...

Thanks Sara...this weekend I'll try them ;-)

Unknown ha dit...

Thanks Sara...this weekend I'll try them ;-)

Sara ha dit...

I'm anxious to know your results!

It's a lot of responsibility to gife an Italian recipe as Risoto to an Italian guy like you!

And don't worry about the "Empanada", I'll publish the recipe in English as soon as possible.